Reference files (averaged)


Reference CGI Images

These are computer generated images of the chart that you can use as a reference (in a photoshop layer…). They come in three versions: full chart, without perimetral patches and only colors (no perimetral nor central cross).


Working space profiles

These are high quality profiles that will help you keeping your images in the highest color quality.

  • H-RGB Pro G22 D50.icm
    This is very similar to the Prophoto, but instead of using gamma 1.8, it uses 2.2
  • H-RGB Pro Lightroom.icm
    This profile is specifically made to use for exporting from Lightroom, as it keeps the image *exactly* as-is inside Lightroom. You can check it by looking at the histogram inside Lightroom and once exported, in Photoshop.
  • H-RGB Pro L-Star D50.icc
    This profile is equal to the H-RGB Pro G22 D50 but it uses the L-star gamma curve instead of a gamma 2.2