Custom ICC service

If you either don’t have any software for creating your own ICC (or DCP) profiles or have it but don’t want to mess with it, we offer you a service to create high quality profiles.

You’ll need:

  1. A good quality capture of your SuperChroma chart. Well exposed, no reflections, uniform lighting… in native RAW format of your camera.
  2. Optional (if you want us to check the reflections): A capture of the reflection chart in the same set-up where you shot your SuperChroma. Just turn it around and shoot the black card.
  3. Optional (Flat-field; only for Capture One): a capture of the background where the chart is placed over, that should be a white or grey, totally clean, flat background. The chart and the background must be together with no separation between them, so the background is lit exactly in the same way as the chart.

Send us the three RAW files through Wetransfer and we will make your profile.


Contact us

Send us an email to:

and tell us what do you need. We’re glad to help.



For the first 3 profiles right now there’s no cost, until there is official support of any commercial software. Upon that, only one will remain free after you buy a SuperChroma.

  • Service
  • First 3 profiles
  • ICC profile SuperHQ
  • ICC profile HQ
  • DCP profile SI
  • DCP high quality DI
  • Result analysis (PSD)
  • Numeric analysis (Imatest)
  • Certificate (essential)
  • Certificate (complete)
  • COST
  • FREE
  • 32 €
  • 24 €
  • 24 €
  • 32 €
  • 16 €
  • 16 €
  • 24 €
  • 37 €
  • Features
  • First 3 profiles
  • w/ check and corrections
  • No check or corrections
  • Single illuminant
  • Double illuminant
  • Results in layers of a PSD
  • Graph with the results
  • PDF with the essential results
  • Essential + vs CMYK + out-of gamut patches.