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Price with averaged reference file is 349€; with custom made reference file costs 499€.



Recently I’ve made some changes to the base by adding DiBond® material as base instead of PVC. This material is made from 2 layers of aluminum with ultra hard epoxy between them. It gives ultra hard rigidness to the chart (almost impossible to bend) and also replaces the black print in the back which is very sensitive to scratches. But the aluminum is far less sensitive so it’s much more durable and easy to handle. Ask for it (adds just 20€ more). Ask for it when you order your chart.


BasICColor Input 6 Bundle

In collaboration with BasICColor profiling software we offer you special prices with interesting discounts. The best color target with the most precise software.

Regular prices for BasICColor Input 6 are 500€ for Standard license and 650€ for the Pro license, but with the SuperChroma + Input bundle you’ll get:

  • Input 6 + HR-1 SuperChroma standard: 745€ (instead of 849€, so it’s more than 100€ off)
  • Input 6 Pro + HR-1 Superchroma Custom: 995€ Iinstead of 1149€, so it’s 155€ off)


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