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AIM-DTP, the best page of digital (accurate image manipulation, made by Timo Autiokari new!
Zone system application
Calculator for making pinholes
Cuatroesquinas, José Rios's web
Zone system emulador
F-calc, useful calculator for depth of field
Information of Kodak's b/n films
Information of Fuji's b/n films
(go to"service&support" and then to "data&spec sheets")
Tecnical information of Ilford films

Javacam, an incredible camera emulator

Norman Koren (very very good)
Paco Bernal Rosso, with interesting articles
Very good page about photometry
Photodo, for lens test checking
Sim-Cam, an interesting camera emulator

Software for HP 48-49, Palm and CE

All about F90X

Xavi Torra fotògraf, with a good tutorial about calibrating a monitor new!